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China's new wave of mechanical and electrical industry: technological innovation to lead the "qualitative change"

2017-11-16 10:11

BEIJING, Hangzhou, November 3 (Trainee Zhang Yu Huan) Manufacturing is the foundation and pillar industries of the national economy, but also an important indicator of a country's economic strength and competitiveness. As the core area of ​​manufacturing industry, China's electromechanical industry has been surfing in recent years. Its technological innovation, represented by this link, has led the "qualitative change" in this profound industry.

November 2 to 4, "China Machinery & Electronics Trade Expo 2017" was held at Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center. Nearly a thousand merchants unveiled the show, demonstrating the advanced equipment, technologies and solutions at home and abroad in the field of electromechanical industry, focusing on the industrial development ideas of "intelligence, science and technology, green and innovation", expanding the new space of manufacturing industry in an all-round way and promoting the strategic transformation of manufacturing industry , Explore the development of the industry and opportunities.

It is understood that in 2016, China's export of electromechanical products amounted to 7.98 trillion yuan, accounting for 57.7% of the total value of domestic exports. The upgrading and transformation of the electromechanical industry have become the commanding height of a new round of industrial upgrading dominated by intelligent manufacturing. Innovation as the core of the "Founding of Technology" thus become China's electromechanical industry to seek new ideas for development.

Among them, the deep sea in the world's leading Zhejiang Sea pressure sampling technology is a typical example. A few months ago, the dragon manned submersible successfully recovered the SixShooter sampler at 6,300 meters deep in the sea in the Mariana Trench. The "needle in a haystack" was reflected in reality. According to Wang Shuo, State Key Laboratory of Hydrodynamics and Mechatronics Systems, Zhejiang University, SixShooter sampler uses the innovative deep seawater sampler technology developed by the team.

The project overcomes the high-pressure two-way sealing valve sampling technology, high-fidelity sampling and other problems to solve the abyss of water samples facing the difficulties of sample holding pressure, easy to lose gas components and other difficulties. "Wang Shuo told reporters that in the future, the technology will continue to use submersibles to sample the seabed of the sampler to sample long-period samples of seawater samples and help people to make better exploration through technological progress.

The technological innovation in the electromechanical industry is not only reflected in the "sea of ​​stars", but also the innovative sparks can be rubbed in small vices. At the fair site, a precision hydraulic vise caused a lot of people onlookers. Under the person in charge of the demonstration, gently turning the vise handle, a piece of hardware was easily crushed into "metal."

"Our moving jaw uses angular solid semicircular ball structure, can produce the power of angle locking .Generally speaking, is the operation of the vise with a very small force can 'flip' huge force, so easy to lock Hard workpiece. "Shengyuan Co., Ltd. Dalian Sheng Cui Technology, deputy general manager told reporters that the technology can guarantee more than 100,000 life, greatly enhance the efficiency of the same time, improve the accuracy of processing parts.

And vise "Qiaoli" effect similar to high-tech three-dimensional scanners are also committed to improving the manufacturing quality and efficiency. "Our innovative R & D Tianyuan 3D scanning system is different from the traditional laser spot scanning method and will record the distorted raster image through two cameras so as to get the point cloud data of the object surface quickly and produce the CAD three-dimensional data model." According to Wang Yuan, an engineer at Beijing Tianyuan 3D Technology Co., Ltd., the technology is fast and accurate and will be widely used in the fields of aerospace, automobile manufacturing and shipbuilding heavy industry.

From top to bottom, down to the sea, mechanical and electrical industry, technological innovation everywhere. From committed to reducing the workload of workers to solve global problems, the new mechanical and electrical changes resulting from "qualitative change." Chen Xiaolong, chairman of M & E House, the organizer of the exposition, also expressed the hope that through this exposition, he hoped to deepen exchange and interaction in the industry so as to share the development experience of electromechanical enterprises and explore the future road of electromechanical innovation.

It is reported that "China Machinery & Electronics Trade Fair 2017" is co-organized by China News Service Zhejiang Branch, Zhejiang Mechanical and Electrical Industry Association, E-House Network, Zhejiang Commercial Association New Media Committee and Zhejiang Capital and Industrial Development Union. (Finish)

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